Cute Moccasins For Extracurricular Activities For Kids and Toddlers

Shoes for babies and toddlers come in different shapes and sizes and Cute Moccasins are one of the favorite types of shoes. Cute Moccasins are shoes that can be used for play and also for when the little one starts kindergarten. They can also be worn for after-school extra-curricular activities. They strike the right balance between comfort and looking put together. Moccasins have been around for a while now and they are a more common type of shoe that has been gaining popularity in recent years. This is partly because there are more companies like Nomies which make Cute Moccasins and loafers of different kinds in different colors and styles. The presence of e-commerce companies like Nomies and the products they offer give moms more options on clothing and shoe items to get for their kids both for play (extra-curricular activities) and school.

As a baby gets older and starts to attend school, parents also have to start thinking of enrolling them in extracurricular activities. This is because extracurricular activities combined with academic activities provide a more wholesome and all-round development for a child. These activities get kids to learn social skills, teamwork, and important life lessons. It is through extracurricular activities that kids tend to find their interests, bond over common interests with other kids and friends and even discover hidden talents and skills that they might have. For little kids just starting to love the house for extracurricular activities, cute moccasins are a great shoe for them as it provides balance and comfort for the kids.


Choosing The Right Activity

It can be quite unclear for some parents which extracurricular activity to choose for their kid. Some parents don’t know where to start and don’t know which activity to choose from a long list of activities for their kids. Below we discuss tips on how to choose the right activities for kids


Ask the Kid

For kids who already know how to express themselves, talking to them about their interests is a good place to start. Ask them what kinds of activities they might be interested in and give them some options to choose from. This kind of conversation creates a good environment for the kids to express interests or even ask questions about other things. If you have some activities that you definitely want them to do, you can let them know that certain extracurricular activities are non-negotiable but that they have the option to choose additional activities.  For example, they should have at least one outdoor and sporty activity like team sports or tennis to keep them active. Talking to your kids about activities also gives you an idea of the kinds of activities they find more interesting and with this, you can better curate your child’s interests. Are they more interested in the arts like reading clubs or dance classes or music activities like learning to play instruments? Find out all this by talking to your kids first.


Find the Activity that Has the Right Fit for the Kid and for You

Finding extracurricular activities that are the right fit for you and for your kid is very important because in the long run, it will matter a lot. It is not enough to pick an activity but you must also pick one that you and your kid can be dedicated to. Does the time table match your schedule? Will you be able to pick them up and drop them off as and when needed? Is it in a close enough location that you don’t spend 45 mins in the care, is it affordable. This and much more should play a role in your decision making. Also, maybe your kid does not need to be in any extracurricular activities just yet. If this is the case, don’t think that you have to enroll them anyways. Many kids do very well in school and life without having been in extracurricular activities.


Don’t Force it

Speaking of letting them be, do not force your kids to start or continue an activity if they don’t want to. As a parent t is your job to motivate your kids and get them to try things that they otherwise wouldn’t have. It is also your job to be a parent and make sure they do all that is needed in order for them to be their best selves. This means that there are times you will have to push your kids and stand your ground. That being said, there are times when certain extracurricular activities do not pique the interest of a child or maybe they are no good at it and it’s starting to bring down their self-esteem, when this happens, don’t force it or push it. Let them quit or switch to a different activity. It is also important to be flexible and let kids skip a day or two every now and then. Being too strict could achieve the opposite results. It is also common that kids try out different activities to see which sticks and which ones they lose interest in. If this is the case, for paid extracurricular activities you can buy a few classes at a time for them to try it out first before committing fully. So you could buy 3 or 4 classes in martial arts, have them register in the school after-school music program and take them to book club one or two times. Being exposed to all these different activities will get them excited and they will quickly start to feel the vibe for what they want to participate in.